Field of Companions – Pet Memorials


We all love our pets and our pets, in turn, offer us companionship, loyalty and unconditional love. With this in mind, we at Wooling Hill Memorial Garden Estate sought to create a special garden within our rural garden landscape that would allow pet owners to create a lasting memorial away from the congestion and noise of city life.

The Field of Companions is a unique area allowing companion pets to be remembered forever. In this exclusive garden area, cremated remains can be interred and pets memorialised … forever.


Memorial Information
Pets must be cremated at a Pet Crematorium and delivered to Wooling Hill Memorial Garden Estate in an approved container. If you would prefer, Wooling Hill staff are able to arrange all of this on your behalf. 

Although the Field of Companions is primarily a Memorial Garden for Pets, there is no restriction on owners also being interred with their Companion Pet.

As with all Wooling Hill Memorials, the Field of Companions is perpetual – memories truly are forever.
Standard Memorial prices start at $500 for a single Pet Companion placement. Prices for non-standard memorials simply enquire..

If you require additional information or assistance, please contact one of Wooling Hill’s trained and friendly staff by telephone 03 5426 1333 or